Devices Power Consumption Control (via LoRaWAN)

In order to become a sustainable city it is important to know how much energy is consumed. Future energy policies can be decided with this information available.

With the aim of measuring and differentiating the electricity consumption of devices that are isolated from the general electricity control network, the city of Terrassa has decided to implement a system based on the LoRaWAN network.

By combining two elements, LoRaWAN SmartBridge and a single-phase kWh meter, it is possible to obtain the electricity consumption information of an isolated element (e.g. cameras, sensors).

The LoRaWAN SmartBridge module (from IOT Aonchip) in conjunction with an electricity meter using the ModBus 485 protocol, allows the measurement of the desired electrical parameters.

By configuring the ModBus addresses in a mobile phone (through NFC communication) and uploading them to the SmartBridge, the system automatically redirects the data to the LoRaWAN network.



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