Relay Box 4×230 VAC

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The smart LoRaWAN electrical load control system.
Model 2×230 VAC
It handles an electrical load of up to 230 VAC.

Please ask for prices if purchasing more than 10 units.

The smart LoRaWAN electrical load control system.
Model 2×230 VAC


Fields of application: 

  • Solar-powered water pumps for agricultural irrigation systems – easy integration.
  • Any type of industrial and domestic automation (doors, windows, blinds, lighting control, swimming pools, etc.).
  • Compatible with LoRaWAN.



Longer activation range: The remote panel controls up to 230 VAC switching voltage.

Two devices for better performance:

A relay box unit – ready to be deployed inside the panel or close to the load to avoid electrical hazards. 2 inputs to be connected to the control unit:

  • 2 NO relay outputs.
  • Maximum switching voltage up to 230 VAC.
  • Surge protected output (inductive loads).
  • CAT III electrical safety.
  • Designed according to UL, VDE and IEC safety requirements.

External control unit – for maximum coverage. 2 outputs can be connected to the relay box unit:

  • Start/stop output to control water pumps, electric motors, etc.
  • 15-minute interval activation programme
  • Long-life batteries
  • NFC interface for commissioning and maintenance


 Relay Box Brochure
 Relay Box Manual


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