Long range wireless emitter for irrigation valves

(sigfox and lora connectivity available)

DC latching solenoid of the valve while providing wireless connectivity up to 10 Km distance from the Control Room or the irrigation controller even through obstacles.

The Watersens  is provided within an IP68 enclosure.  The product can manage 4 different 24 V DC electrovalves. Connectivity to the solenoid is made through two wires per electrovalve. These wires are passing through a sealing gland to ensure complete waterproofing. 

The vast majority of the irrigation valve suppliers offer DC latching solenoids as a retrofit for their AC valves for applications where the irrigation controller is powered by batteries. Such retrofit solenoid is usually low cost (10-15US$).

With its minimum consumption, the Wattersens can operate exclusively on batteries during 10 years

The device is powered by two Lithium batteries but one can also use an external power source. The batteries are included with the device.

The solution permits to forget laying cables from the irrigation controller to the valve and offers a unique identification key combined with full encrypted wireless data for secure Open/Close control

The configuration of the devices is very simple through an mobile app. You can configure each device using the NFC (near field communication). 

We have an agreement with the company nearby sensors to offer a specific cloud plattform to manage your solution. Anyway if you want to buy the product is totally compatible with the most known cloud platfforms.

You can see the specifications brochure in the smart-valve folder