en-We visited MWC 2017


Today we will introduce a summary of the visit to the mobile world congress 2017. We focused the visit trying to know the actual develepoments on the wearebles products and devices.

We summarize some of the contacts that we got from the exhibition

1) ivyhealth (www.ivyhealthlabs.com)

Spanish enterprise located in Bilbao that develope electronic devices and aplications for hte improvement and surveillance of the phisycal values.

Devices developed:

  • Glucometer.
  • Blood presure meter.
  • Pulse oximeter.
  • thermometer for babies.


All the devices uses BLE (Bluetooh low energy) to connect with a Smartphone/ Tablet to measure the parameters.

2) Libelium (www.libelium.com)

Spanish enterprise placed in Zaragoza. Libelium is focused mainly in selling hardware, following similar business model like Arduino, but in this case with industrial products portfolio.

I recommend to visit the web of the company where you can find a big portfolio of industrial sensors with all kind of connectivity.

One the products more interested in the stand was mysignals.

My signals is  IOT platform to develop ehealth and medical products. The biomedical IOT platform allow developers to easily create new software eHealth applications and medical devices measuring 20 different body parameters. In this case the compnay offer the whole IoT value chain, from hardware devices to Cloud Storage and API's for data visualization.

3) Lechal (www.lechal.com)

Indian company that develop and manufacture wearable technology.

Actually they have only one product "Lechal". They are on the way to expande their brochure of devices. the device is used as insole footwear with gps and connectivity with BLE to a tablet or smartphone. The device indicates the user the tracking loaded with vibration in the insole according to the direction, right or left. The battery according to the specifications in normal use is 15 days long.

4) AIQ Smart Clothing Inc (www.aiqsmartclothing.com)

Taiwanese company focused in the manufacturing of intelligent wear. We could see examples in the next areas:

- Lightning.

-Thermal dresses

- Inox fabrics

- conductives gloves

What we obtain from the visit.

  • The experience was really positive.

  • You really need several days if you want to visit all the exibitions. We only have a pass for one day. So we focused the visits to our main interest that was the companys with wearables sensors, connectivity,.. We weren't interested in visiting the big mobile companys and their news cellulars.

  • We found the companys very receptive to listed solutions from entrepreneurs like us. They know that they can't lost a possible new business that they haven't still begin. They know that a little and motivated company that could have a new development have to listened.

  • We could talk with them about our NFC platform, about our colaboration with some  companies in the wearable measurement like the tekscan sensors that we will present in the web.